I have spent my entire life enjoying the outdoors and nature. I have always loved fishing and hunting and when we purchased our property here at Beyond Seclusion I was able to take it to a whole new level. For the first time I could do and create what ever my imagination could dream up. Our property did not have a lot of vegetation that was supportive to wildlife nor did it have any ponds. As the years went on, I slowly transformed our property into one of the best wildlife and fishing spots in the county or possibly the state.

I have planted thousands of trees and bushes for both wildlife and produce. I started off working with the local NRD and learned a great deal from them and still to this day continue to work with them. I have designed and built several ponds that produce trophy fish. I have to be honest and many attempts in the beginning failed, but I learned from every mistake and now have it down to a science. I have some incredible wildlife habitat so much so that there is not a day that goes by that we do not have deer, turkey, ducks, geese, bobcat, woodchucks, owls, etc. in view from the house.

My goal is to share my experience with you to help you create exactly what you desire. That could be a pond for catching trophy fish, creating habitat to observe and support wildlife, create the best hunting ground, locate the best places for these things, and help design and build ponds and hunting blinds and docks and decks.

I will work with you to create exactly what you desire. I work with several contractors in Southeast Nebraska to help make this happen. I will discuss your ideas with you and see what I can do to help bring them to reality.  I believe in a team approach or a “coalition” to best help serve you.  If I do not have what you need, I will help you find someone who does.

When it comes to designing ponds and building ponds I have what I believe is a distinct advantage over a lot of folks. I became a certified scuba diver in 1989 in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. I have dove all over the world but I have to say one of my favorite dives is fresh water dives right here in Nebraska. I have dove all over Nebraska from farm ponds to reservoirs. Some might say that is just crazy. The reason I love diving in Nebraska waters is I LOVE fishing and I live in Nebraska.  I have had the unique opportunity to observe the very fish we all love to catch in their natural environment and see just what they are doing under the surface. Many fishermen would be VERY surprised to see just where the really big fish like to “hangout” and where you actually find most of the fish. I use this knowledge in planning and designing ponds to maximize fish growth and the ability to catch them. I will review all this with you and help you design the best habitat for your fish including under water structures, spawning beds, and vegetation.

At one time, I held three Nebraska State Records for fishing. Two for surface spear fishing and one for underwater spearfishing. I still hold one for underwater spearfishing from 2003 and one for surface spearfishing from 2001.

I have also built and hunted from about every kind of blind you can think of and have created a few that I feel work best, are very cost effective, and one that is completely mobile with your ATV or truck.

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Your local NRD is a valuable asset! This is the cheapest way to get large volumes of trees. The trees and bushes do come bare root, and are small, thus take some time to grow but they are the most cost effective you will find.  I can help you select the vegetation that will best suit your needs, grow the fastest, and provide you what you are looking for.

Nemaha Natural Resources District (NRD)

62160 US-136

Tecumseh, NE 68450

(402) 335-3325

Ask for Mark

If you are looking for larger potted plants and trees you will want to check with:

Stone Ridge Farm (be sure to tell them Drew sent you)

Hwy 50 & 724 Rd

4 miles south of Tecumseh, NE

(402) 335-3682


If you are looking for really developed and larger trees and more ornamental or decorative, or: landscape design, trees, shrubs, grasses, hardscapes (ponds, waterfalls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens) contact:

Eagle Nursery LLC

910 S 214th St

Eagle, NE 68347

(402) 781-9337

Ask for Bob and tell him Drew sent you.