Hardy Water Lilies

Our hardy water lilies will come up year after year in Nebraska (as long as roots stay submerged). They complete their life cycle in the water, and are a true aquatic plant. Flowers remain open from the middle of the morning until late afternoon and you can witness the large flowers deepen in color as the days go by. During the heat of the day, the 5 to 7 pads of a single plant will provide much-needed shade for aquatic life. The fish LOVE hiding under them. The plant itself will help supply oxygen to the water while assisting in minimizing algae blooms and controlling other undesirable plants.

Why add water lilies to your pond?

  • Help supply oxygen to the water
  • Control other less desirable plants and prevent algae blooms
  • Will survive harsh Nebraska winters as long as the roots stay submerged
  • They are absolutely beautiful to look at and give your pond a totally different look
  • The fish LOVE them, I usually catch my big bass right on the edge of them and they don’t stand out of the water interfering with casting.
  • At the end of the year, they leave far less biomass in your pond than cattails and other water plants.
  • They are easy to transplant, maintain, and remove if necessary.

Plant information:

  • Prefer full sun
  • Grow in any pond, simply burry the roots in the mud so they stay anchored and they will root, spread, and grow. After a year, you can cut the roots in half and transplant to new locations.
  • Can grow in 1-5 feet of water. For best results, plant in 2-4 feet of water.
  • Recommend planting as deep as possible to protect the roots in dry times.
  • Plant 5 ft. apart
  • Perennial in zones 3-11
  • Simply keep roots moist until planted in pond.
  • They begin to bloom when water temperatures reach 60 Degree F and will bloom year round in frost-free regions, because they do not like heavy water movement, place them away from streams and waterfalls, to make planting easy.

Pond Vegetation

We can help you plan what is the best vegetation both in and around your pond to provide the best fish habitat and minimize erosion and silting of your pond.  We can also provide the seed and even completely take care of it for you.  Our goal is to provide you with the best “fishing hole” you can have.



Nymphaea Lily Chromatella – Yellow

Nymphaea Lily Alba – White

Nymphaea Lily Attraction – Purple/Red

We also have the following new varieties:

Nymphaea Colorata
Nymphaea Colorado
Nymphaea Gloriosa
Nymphaea Ellisiana
Nymphaea Peaches & Cream
Nymphaea Sunny Pink
Nymphaea Wanwisa Red