If you have questions, available dates, etc. PLEASE call, DO NOT TEXT or email.  


Off to a great start on Turkey Season!  Two hunts already with 100% success within 24 hours.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FALL (2019) OR TURKEY FOR 2019, you may want to book ASAP as we have already had folks looking at next year.  We still have available times during the week this season.

Beyond Seclusion has some of the best hunting and fishing in the state of Nebraska. Don’t let our size fool you just like our pond. Size does not always matter but “quality” always does and that’s what we provide at Beyond Seclusion.

Check around, you can’t beat our prices!



If you find a better deal in Nebraska that offers a lower price, we will match it or beat their price. In order to price match, it needs to be a similar package from a business that we can verify.

We do not have hundreds or even thousands of acres like many hunting outfitters do out west. Here at Beyond Seclusion, we only have 120 acres that we control. With that said, it is a QUALITY 120, loaded with wildlife and prime habitat that draws in surrounding game (deer, turkey, bobcat, woodchuck, coyote, great horned owls, fox, raccoons, eagles, hawks, badgers, and many more). We are also close to Omaha and Lincoln saving many folk’s hours of driving and more time for hunting.

We have huge numbers of turkey that produce some really nice Tom’s. Last year I called in a 24 lbs. Tom with a 10” beard. All the wildlife, habitat, and our free-range chickens also attract the predators. We have had an uncommonly large population of bobcat over the years and had to start managing them as they often get a taste for our chickens and fowl.

The cabin is located right in the middle of some of the best hunting ground southeast Nebraska has to offer, or just about anywhere in the state for that matter as game is often in the yard of the cabin. There is rarely a day that goes by with out seeing deer or turkey from our living room. One of the best places to hunt from is right on the deck of the cabin and many deer, bobcat, and turkeys have been taken from the deck of the cabin. There are multiple tower/ground blinds throughout the property that you can hunt from. You can also bring portable blinds to set up if you want to choose your location. There are a lot of options. If the weather is nice, you can also fish anytime during your stay at no additional cost.

All hunts can be guided, semi-guided, or all on your own (with directions and guidelines). Our involvement is somewhat dictated by you. We do reserve the right to accompany and be present during any and all hunts at our discretion. This is for safety, yours and ours.

We are looking for the ideal guests for hunting. It is very important for both of us that we share similar ideas about hunting, wildlife, safety, etc. We want to make sure your experience and ours is the very best it can be. Our goal is to build relationships where guests come back year after year. Ideally, we are looking for guests that we know, a “friend-of-a-friend”, former guests, or referred by former guests. This is not to say that we will not allow someone with none of these connections but we will want to speak with you and get to know you before submitting a deposit. If possible, we may even ask that you come visit us. With that said, we reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason. Hunting involves weapons and lots of responsibility and we live on the property so I am sure you understand.

The three types of hunting we offer at Beyond Seclusion are: Deer – Doe ONLY (any season and usually for prior guests), Turkey (fall and spring), and Predator Hunting (winter). See below for details for each and pricing options. All options include lodging at the cabin and you will be the ONLY hunters on the property. We also reserve the right to refuse the use of any weapon if there are any concerns for safety or anything that concerns us. All weapons should be in good working condition and tested and zeroed prior to arrival.   We do have a crossbow and compound bow (75 lbs. pull) that can possibly be rented. You provide all arrows and bolt and will need to provide proof of Bow Hunter Education. This is an additional charge of $100.

INVEST IN OUR YOUTH DISCOUNT– If you bring your child (16 and under) hunting with you and they want to hunt, they are given a discount. See each season for the details and amount of discount. Our children are our greatest investment, Beyond Seclusion wants to encourage you and reward you for being a good role model and spending time with them.  Good memories are priceless!

For ALL hunting packages

  • We do allow family or friend(s) to come and stay in cabin or possibly go along for the hunt (without weapon) at our discretion for no additional cost.   We VALUE family, and this is the perfect place and opportunity to take a young person, family member, or friend hunting for the first time and create memories and bonds that last a lifetime.
  • All state regulations, requirements, and permits required. You will need to provide copies of permits, certificates, etc. upon request.
  • Use of our blinds and towers.
  • Assistance in finding and retrieving game.
  • Assistance and education in field dressing and processing (only one animal per hunt on the processing and when available).  With that said, come prepared to FULLY deal with your harvest should we not be available.


  • State and Lodging Tax – contact us to determine
  • $500 damage deposit (see below)
  • ALL Paper work signed – you may need to contact us at beyondseclusion@gmail.com and we will send paper work. MUST have this before allowed on property, no exceptions.

NOTE: A $500 deposit in the form of a check or cash will be collected upon arrival.  This is NOT cashed but held until your check out at which time it will be returned to you.  This is ONLY to cover possible damages.  The address on the check MUST match the address on a current drivers licenses. Failure to follow rules and policy will result in immediate departure and deposit will not be returned.  We want you to have a fun and SAFE hunt!

3-Day Turkey Hunt Package – $550 Per Hunter

  • Hunt is for 1 bird per person
  • Additional turkey are $100 each up to 4 maximum.
  • Each of your children that want to hunt only pay $100 for their hunt in addition to your package fee.  Same rules and policy apply to them as additional hunters.  Example:  You want to bring your family of four and one child to actually hunt with you.  The total is $650.
  • This is for fall or spring turkey
  • This is for either Archery and/or Shotgun
  • Guided or semi guided
  • We can provide some decoys and calls (guided) but if you want anything in particular, you need to bring it!
  • If you do not see any Turkey, you may (depending on availability and our discretion) come back, rent the cabin for an additional weekend and continue your hunt with no additional hunting fee.  This is totally dependent on availability and our discretion.  We want you to be successful and satisfied!

3-Day Winter Predator (Bobcat) Hunting Package – $550 Per Hunter

  • This includes 1 bobcat and 1coyote per hunter
  • Each of your children that want to hunt only pay $100 for their hunt in addition to your package fee.  Same rules and policy apply to them as additional hunters.  Example:  You want to bring your family of four and one child to actually hunt with you.  The total is $650.
  • There are NO guarantees other than we will confirm there is bobcat in the area with proof of photos taken on game camera prior to arrival. No pictures of bobcat actively in area, FULL 100% REFUND! It took 15 minutes last winter to call one in for guest. They can be difficult to call in and/or spot so, other than the photo’s we can make no other guarantees, HOWEVER, see below!
  • If you do not see anything, you may (depending on availability and our discretion) come back, rent the cabin for an additional weekend(s) and continue your hunt with no additional hunting fee.  This is totally dependent on availability and our discretion.

 3-Day Deer Hunting Package– Doe only $550 Per Hunter (unguided)

  • One whitetail doe deer.
  • This is typically only offered to returning or prior guests, however we do make expectations. Just contact us to find out more.
  • We only offer a few hunts each year so if you are interested, contact us well before hunting season as they fill quickly.
  • We typically do not offer this during regular rifle season as we are hunting our buck, late season is two weeks in January and bow hunting is also an option.
  • Additional deer are $200 each up to 3 maximum per hunt (depending on season and numbers)
  • Each of your children that want to hunt only pay $200 for their hunt in addition to your package fee.  Same rules and policy apply to them as additional hunters.  Example:  You want to bring your family of four and one child to actually hunt with you.  The total is $750.
  • Apply for “Blue Southeast Antlerless Only SC-Deer” This will allow you to hunt any and all seasons with the same permit. You could try bow and if you don’t get one, you could come back and try rifle with the same permit.  Go to http://outdoornebraska.gov to find permit.
  • This includes all seasons (archery, rifle, muzzleloader, and late season) – Very limited during rifle.
  • Guided or semi-guided
  • If you desire, we will assist and teach you how to butcher your deer (one deer) so you end up with nothing but cleaned meat to put into the freezer or drop off with butcher for processing for an additional $120 (when available).  With that said, come prepared to FULLY deal with your deer should we not be available. We can also assist you with delivering to the butcher we use for our meat (also, when convenient and available).
  • We can also assist and teach you how to make your own jerky (if we assist in processing).
  • We will share receipts and knowledge on how to make the most of your venison and provide available samples. You will walk away from this experience confident in how to harvest, dress, and process your deer in the future.
  • If you do not see anything, you may (depending on availability and ourdiscretion) come back, rent the cabin for an additional weekend and continue your hunt with no additional hunting fee.  This is totally dependent on availability and our discretion.  We want you to be successful and satisfied!

Beyond Seclusion Hunting Policies

Terms of Payment:

  • We are now taking PayPal.  DO NOT make any form of payment without contacting us and making arrangements. PayPal.Me/BeyondSeclusion
  • We accept Personal checks, Cash, Cashier’s checks, or Money orders. We do not accept Credit Cards.  ALL Checks must be “cleared” by the bank prior to arrival and this can take weeks.  If short notice, we will require cash.
  • We will require a 50% Non-Refundable deposit to secure your booking. The only exception is if we cancel your hunt, which we retain the right to do for any reason and you will receive a full 100% refund.
  • The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the hunt start date. If you cancel less than 60 days before the hunt no refund will be made.
  • If you terminate the hunt early, no refund will be issued.
  • If you default on any obligation or signed contract, your hunt may be terminated without any refund of any portion.
  • We will make every effort to work with you should something unexpected happen such as reschedule to a later date if available however this is completely at Beyond Seclusions discretion and is clearly stated that there is no refund.
  • NOTE: You do not have a reservation until a signed contract and a deposit are both received.

Travel Insurance:

  • It is highly recommended that you buy Travel Guard’s Sportsman’s Travel Protection Plan Insurance.You will want to make sure it includes cancellation coverage. Hunting trips are expensive and life is unpredictable.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are covered and protected.

Hunting Requirements:

  • Valid Nebraska hunting permit which can be purchased online and printed out at Nebraska Game and Parks website at outdoornebraska.org
  • You are required to follow all state regulations and policy’s (Hunter Education, use of hunter orange during appropriate season, valid permits, stamps, etc.)
  • Under no circumstance will hunters or guests be allowed to hunt or go along if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is prior to and during any hunting or going into the field with a weapon. If this rule is broken, guests will be asked to leave the property immediately without refund of any kind!
  • No weapon shall be carried other than to and from hunting locations. No test firing or target practice is allowed.
  • There is no smoking in the blinds, fields, or cabin. The only smoking permitted is on the deck of the cabin and all trash goes with you.
  • Your location needs to be known at all times! If you change locations or desire to change locations, you MUST notify us if we are not with you. You need to know which directions you can shoot and what is safe. This is mostly with use of rifles but still required unless otherwise arranged or discussed. It is critical that we know where you are at ALL times!!

Completing your Hunt:

We take great pride in making sure you have an incredible experience, which usually involves getting what you came for. We make every effort to make sure that happens, however, not everything is in our control. We monitor game activity almost daily and also use several game cameras. If we are not seeing what you are coming for or have any doubts you will not get a good shot, we will contact you and work with you. Again, we want you to be successful! We are almost 100% certain that you will get a chance (if not several) at deer and turkey but you have to make the shot. This also depends on weather and the season. Please come prepared with appropriate weapon and ammo and have practiced so you are ready to make that important shot. We believe in precision at Beyond Seclusion and that almost always leads to a quick, clean kill that you are able to recover. Game is a precious and somewhat limited resource. Please review the following:

  • If you take a shot and draw blood/wound any animal, the hunt is considered completed regardless of if the animal is recovered. We will make EVERY effort to search and help you recover your animal.   If it is not found, it is still considered “yours”, and the hunt will be ended. Most wounded animals die and allowing you to continue the hunt is the same as a second hunt.
  • Any hunter not informing us of a shot taken; shot missed; or possible wounded animal, may be asked to leave immediately with our obligation meet and fulfilled in full.
  • If you wound an animal and we are unable to retrieve it, you may be allowed to pay ½ of the original price to continue the hunt. This will only happen after an exhaustive search for your animal.
  • We recommend you DO NOT take any shot you are not fully confident you will make. It is better to wait for the right shot than not find a wounded animal. Remember, if you get no opportunity to take a shot see above policy on refund or returning! You don’t get a shot…..were not happy! This is also dependent on the game, season, and weapon used as covered elsewhere.
  • We will guarantee with 100% certainty that you will see and get a shot for deer during Archery, get within 200 yards and get a shot during late season, and see turkey during the spring season (archery or shotgun) or we refund the $200 hunting fee.
  • With Turkey and Predators where you have to “call” them into range, we cannot make any guarantees other than you will see them, as you are part of the equation and your calling ability.
  • If you are coming for bobcat, we will make sure that we have seen them recently and caught them on camera. If we do not, we will let you know and you can decide how to proceed. We will offer a 100% refund at that point as well. When we get photos (proof) of an active cat in the area, we will send those to you via email and as often as we get them. This does not include coyotes as they are always in the area!
  • NOTE: Predators can be very difficult to call in. It depends on many variables that we do not have control over.  Typically we will offer you the opportunity to come back, continue the hunt at no extra fee other than cabin rental.

By submitting a deposit and signed contract, you acknowledge that you have read everything provided to you and complete agreement to all statements, rules, and policies.









Fall (archery/shotgun)





Bobcat                                    12/1/18        – 2/28/19

Coyote                                                No season