Beyond Seclusion is Southeast Nebraska “Chicken HQ”

Our Facebook page is ALWAYS most up to date on sales, specials, and info.
Our specialty is not selling small, new chicks but young adults and laying chickens so you can skip the “grow” process and get to eating fresh eggs.

All of our fowl (chickens, guinea, ducks, turkey, and peacocks) are free range year round.  We live in the middle of a 120 and that is the location of our business.  Check us out at Facebook, and YouTube.
Young adult (just about to lay) and adult (laying) chickens are $20 each.

We purchased (9/6/18) the following which are ready to sell and laying ($20 each):

Cinnamon Queen
Golden Comet
Buff Orpington
ISA Brown
Sienna Star

Purchased 3/15/19 the following which will be laying adults mid summer:

Black Sex Link
Barred Plymouth Rock

We also have several adult ducks ($20 each) while supplies last.
We do sell younger chickens for less, call for more info.
We also sell several different types of fowl feeders (see page on Fowl Feeders – CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO).
We are more than happy to answer questions and love helping folks get started with chickens.

PLEASE DO NOT TEXT, if you are interested call.

Guinea Fowl – $20 each laying adults (while they last)

Are you looking for a “Jack of all trades barnyard animal”? Look no further. This last year we added an assortment of Guinea Fowl to our flock. They are a lot of fun to watch and kids love them.

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Baby guineas are called “keets” and look almost like baby quail. They are really small and cute. We purchased our guinea fowl to act like watchdogs without actually getting a dog which would disrupt our wildlife. They are very vigilant predator monitors and notify you when anything is out of the ordinary. Ours mix in with our chickens and even share their coup. There are many reasons to get guinea fowl; their tastiness, very low-maintenance, vigilance at keeping away predators (they are noisy), eat any and all insects in the area including ticks (tick-eating machines), and most of all, just a fun addition to your flock. We recommend getting keets if we have them available if you want them to mix with an already existing flock. We will also have adults available in the future as our flock grows depending on demand for keets. We can walk you through how we blended ours with our chickens so they keep together.

Ameraucana Chickens – Our Specialty

Ameraucana’s were developed in the US in the 70’s from a breed of chicken coming from Chile. They have proved to be a very hardy chicken and seem to do well with the multiple predators we have on the property. We have lost less Ameraucana’s than any other breed of chicken we have had. They are also the quietest of ALL the chickens we have had.  They are very friendly and the kids love them.  They are one of the few chickens to lay a blue/green egg. They are good layers and we consistently get an egg a day per chicken same as the Road Island Reds and others.

We simply choose these chickens based on their looks. They are beautiful chickens and look like a wild game bird. Ameraucana’s have “ear tufts” which look like large sideburns or “fluffy cheeks” and are rumpless (meaning do not have a tail).

Peafowl or Peacocks
We have 7 Peafowl and will to be able to offer young for sale in summer of 2019. Feel free to contact us to be put on a list when available.

Contact us for price and availability