NEW for 2020, Instructions and Video on Amazon (click on “Amazon”). This is the BEST way to go with the cost of Shipping (keeps going up), this will SAVE you $$$.


  1. Decide “WHAT” you want, Kit or Complete feeder (prices below)
  2. Email me your contact info beyondseclusion@gmail.com BEFORE sending payment! Be sure to include what you ordered, payment amount, name and address item is to be shipped to.
  3. Contact me with any questions beyondseclusion@gmail.com or call me at 402-381-8421

Here is what our customers are saying (you can read their comments yourself on our FB page and YouTube (click link below):

“This is a fantastic product: We’ve used them for several months. Results? A lot less wasted feed, a cleaner coop, and it saves you money!” – Andy

“I ordered a couple of chicken/fowl feeders from Drew and we love them! His chicken feeders have saved us both time with barn chores and money by eliminating the wasted feed created by our old feeders. The design of his product keeps feed in the container and we have very little if any feed waste. They have made a huge difference on our farm!” – Kathy 1/5/19

“We have had these feeder for about a month.  We really are liking them.  We used to have a lot of waste on the ground.  I recommend this product for anyone in the chicken industry or any type of bird.” – Barb

“I recently bought two automatic feeders from Drew at Beyond Seclusion. I would recommend these feeders to anyone looking for an economical, well made automatic feeder for their flocks. I have a mixed flock of chickens, ducks, and guineas. My entire flock puts the feeders to good use. I have minimal waste with these feeders. Drew has a line of feeders ranging from the ones I bought that hold about 20 pounds to one that easily hold 200 pounds . I wish I would have discovered Beyond Seclusion and their line of feeders sooner. Last year I bought a similar feeder at 3x the cost, but not 3x the quality, online. I’m sure I will be a repeat customer as my flock grows.” – Lynn

“This is a great design, we have a flock of 12 chickens and this feeder has made doing chores so much easier! We can put almost an entire bag of feed in, and the chickens adapted to it very well. Our egg count has also gone up lately which I don’t think is solely because of the feeder, but it hasn’t hurt anything either. Great product & great service!” – Dorinda

“They are pretty amazing. I bought the 32 gallon one and in need to get a second one.” – Fred


NEW FOR 2020

“OMG it works great.  It was very easy.  If I can do it, anyone can.  Making a second one as backup.  You saved my behind, Mister.  I now have freedom to live my life without having to be home every day at 6 to feed and water the chickens.  FREEDOM is SO wonderful.  I cannot thank you enough. Is there any reason I couldn’t use the 44 gal container?” – Judy 9/27/19 (tried our new “Kit”)

FOWL FEEDER KITSALL YOU NEED IS A TRASH CAN AND DRILL. Due to the cost of shipping and the number of requests we have received for the larger feeders, we created the “FOWL FEEDER KIT” which will cut the cost of shipping by half making it affordable for more folks. The kit includes everything you need to make the best feeder available. All you need is a drill and a trash can or container. Once you order, we will send you a link to video instructions. Email us at beyondseclusion@gmail.com with your name and shipping address once you place the order. We will confirm the order and payment and send you the link to the instructions video on YouTube. Email us with any questions.



4 Port – $73.85 shipped ($42.20 pick up)

6 Port – $94.95 Shipped ($52.75 pick up)

8 Port (or two 4 Port)- $116.05 Shipped ($73.85 pick up)


Currently, we offer several sizes:

NOTE: Unfortunately, in January 2020, the cost of shipping almost doubled. It has been very hard on the business thus making the “blueprints” available on Amazon. This is the most ECONOMICAL way to get one of our feeders.

ON SALE 6 Gallon (2-10 fowl) – four ports                  $29.54    ($86.93 shipped/taxes)

10 Gallon (10-30 fowl) – four ports               $63.30 ($150 shipped/taxes)

20 Gallon – (10-50 fowl) – six ports $94.95 ($190 shipped/taxes)

32 Gallon – (15-100 fowl) – eight ports         $105.50 (Not available for shipping due to size and cost of shipping)


Due to the size of the box (why the cost) and frequent requests for shipping, we set the price on shipping and can only mail the 6, 10, and 20 gallon.  Actual shipping may be more or less than figured price but we live 20 miles from town and spending too much time running in for actual costs as it varies and “online” estimates have not been reliable.  DO NOT send funds without prior contact.  beyondseclusion@gmail.com and send funds to

Beyond Seclusion Bulk Fowl Feeder

Tested and used for our fowl business for over 2 years now. ITS ALL WE USE…THEY WORK!

We offer a fowl feeder that can hold over 200 lbs (32 gallons) of feed at a time or up to 6 feed bags. The design is simple and gravity fed to 8 outlets. These outlets do a 90 degree turn down which prevents the fowl from “scratching” out the feed onto the ground wasting huge amounts of grain.

This is water/rain resistant however not 100% weather proof thus it is recommended to place it somewhat sheltered, however, we have had our out in the open without issue.

We have well over 100 fowl (turkeys, chickens, ducks, peacocks, and guinea) and they all use it and it has worked GREAT. It has saved us a huge amount of time and money. We had tried about every type of feeder out there and many as much as $60-70 and only hold about 50 lbs. of feed and the chickens remove most of it on the ground.

As you can see in the photos, we have several being used in the background. We make these ourselves and materials alone can cost over $50. This does not include the tools required, proven design, and your time. If you have a lot of fowl, this is worth every penny.

We travel to Lincoln a lot and could deliver or meet.

Visit our YouTube Channel “Beyond Seclusion” and visit us on Facebook!

WE HAVE OTHER SMALLER VERSIONS FOR LESS – Photos and info coming soon.

If you are not 100% satisfied with this, simply return it for a full refund.  We do ask that you return it in the condition you received it so it can be resold.  YOU WILL LOVE THIS, WE DO!

We are looking into selling these on Amazon.  Will let you know if/when that happens.