Had the opportunity and privilege to assist Cabela’s with some fish for several events.

All fish are raised and grown right here at Beyond Seclusion in Southeast Nebraska in Pawnee County. Unlike most places you get fish, these are not shipped in from another state. You know they will tolerate our Nebraska summers and winters because that is where they came from. Sizes and availability are totally dependent on the season, and what can be collected at the time you place your order. We are a small operation and fish can be purchased in all sizes and varied numbers. All orders will be filled upon availability and once available, you will have 72 hours to take position or as agreed upon. All orders will be picked up on location and transferred into your container. All fish will visibly be in good condition and free of parasites (yellow grubs) at this point and Beyond Seclusion is not responsible for their survival beyond this point.


Small Mouth Bass – We are one if not the only place in Nebraska that you can get Small Mouth Bass (SMB), and ours are from right here in Pawnee County Nebraska, not shipped in from out of state. What most people don’t know about SMB is they can do exceptionally well in farm ponds and pound-for-pound are considered the best fresh water fighting fish. Besides, who does not have a place to go to fish for Large Mouth Bass (LMB).

  NOTE:You do NOT want to stock a pond with SMB (fry) if it already has LMB, you will simply be feeding your LMB. With that said, you can always add a few adults to your pond for some variety. They may still spawn but you will never get a large concentration of them as long as you have the LM in the pond.

Fresh Water Shrimp (glass, ghost, or grass shrimp) – These are not for human consumption, they are what we call “forage” for your fish. What they do is provide another source of food for you fish to keep your fish fat and well feed. They are also a lot of fun for the kids to catch. They are about ¼ “ in length fully grown. Shrimp are available throughout the summer when the water is in the grass. They usually reproduce a couple of times a season and you will find lots of large females with eggs.

Redear Sunfish – They are also called “shellcrackers” because their favorite food is snails. Snails are a critical part of the life cycle of most fish parasites especially the yellow grub which is the most commonly observed in the skin and especially the fins of fish. They appear as little yellow circles or ovals and are also found thought the meat. They are harmless to eat if you cook the fish but it’s hard to fry a nice fish fillet crawling with worms. If you are noticing them in your fish, you need to add Redear to your pond to eliminate your snail population. They are very similar to Bluegill and are beautiful fish and taste great. They are more difficult to catch thus our hope of the hybrid below. The goal is to get a fish that is easier to catch, but also eats snails.

Redear Sunfish (RE)/Bluegill Hybrid (BG) – This is something new and not entirely sure what they will do when fully grown. We have successfully crossed RE and BG in small quantities last year. The cross looks more like a RE than a BG. The thought behind this is RE are harder to catch but great fish to have as they eat your snails that cause parasites (yellow grubs) in your pond. BG are easy to catch thus we are hoping we get the best of both, time will tell but they are cool fish.

**FINDING PARASITES IN YOUR FISH? Want to get rid of them? Read below on Redear Sunfish.**

Selling ADULT fish ready to spawn – we can sell adult fish ready to spawn which can significantly jump start your pond and decrease the number of fish you need to purchase and the sooner you can start fishing.

NOTE BEFORE COMPARING COST: Before comparing cost with other sources such as trucks that pull into parking lots ONCE a year and sell mass quantities of fish to waiting customers, make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. You can buy 2-4” fish for less than a dollar each, but if you have purchased large quantities of fish before, they are almost always the smallest size. 2-4” fish are going to be mostly 2-inch fish. With us, you get to see the fish before you purchase them and they have not been in a truck or tank for days. When you order 4-8” Bluegill, you are getting adult fish, these are one to two years old, the size your “volume purchase” fish will be in a year or two. The cost per fish is more, however, you can purchase less fish as many of these are already adults and will spawn the same year in your pond, jump starting your pond by one to two years. This can be a HUGE advantage over stocking smaller fish. Take a look at the pictures below to see our Bluegill and compare them to those you may have seen or purchased from one of the trucks.  With any major purchase of fish to stock a new or old pond, we will provide enough minnows to get your pond started with enough food to feed your new fish AT NO COST.  Delivery is also a option and cost if based on distance traveled.


Due to availably, cost may vary from season to season.  Please call for availability and cost based on your needs.

SMALL MOUTH BASS (SMB) – We sell SMB fry (spring hatch) in May to April. They are about ¼ inch in length and would recommend putting them into a new pond or pond without predator fish and good cover/vegetation. They do grow VERY quickly and will be about 1-3” end of summer. We also sell adults year round as available.  You will get enough minnows to provide food to your young fish with each purchase FREE.

SMB Fry – These are available only in spring and fall

SMB – 2-3″ available in fall only, availability may vary

SMB Young & Adults – Available year round

Shrimp – $.30 per shrimp (available in mid to late summer)

Bluegill – 4-8”  (Size is based on your need, call for price on size and number, available year round)


BG/RE Hybrid – $3.00 per fish (3-6”) Currently available in limited numbers

Yellow Perch 

Wiper – These do NOT reproduce but are fun to have in a pond to try to catch. They can reach up to 20+ lbs.  I have limited numbers of LARGE adults 5+ pounds and a batch that should be about 10″ end of summer.  Call for price

With every purchase, I will go over fish habitat, spawning beds for each variety, how to make them, how to stock your pond using fry or adult fish, when to put them in and what kind of vegetation you will want to maximize your fish growth, what vegetation you do NOT want, other forage for the fish, etc. I will work with you to maximize your pond for the best fishing possible and also how to start your pond with adult fish vs. fry.

We also sell fresh water lilies that are excellent fish habitat and they survive our Nebraska winters and I will also tell you how and where to plant those.   They are great in any pond, have beautiful flowers and provide shade for your fish and cut down on algae growth and keep other vegetation in check.

I have a current 2017 Nebraska Private Aquaculturist Permit, Permit Number 38 registered with the State of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Minnows – Call for availability 


Please contact me with orders or questions Drew Case at 402-381-8421 or

Orders will fill in the order they are received.

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If you are looking for fish that we don’t carry(Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Crappie, Grass Carp, Minnows) or large quantities, I HIGHLY recommend working with Rob at Nebraska Lake Management. He has great customer service, a large selection of fish, and I have purchased fish from him for years. He is located by Branch Oak Lake.

Nebraska Lake Management, LLC

Located just north of Lincoln, Nebraska!
Office (402) 784-6005
Cell (402) 890-5253

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