ALL our birds are FREE RANGE with access to the full 120 acres. They have a coop close to the house and are opened up each morning and closed in at dark. They are given supplemental cracked corn and chicken feed when the weather is cold or unable to find food in the field. The eggs are noticeably different both inside and out (see photo) and taste much different than eggs purchased from the store. They have a much “richer” and full flavour than store bought eggs and even CAGE FREE. We have several species of chicken (Road Island Red, Broilers, and Ameraucana’s) and the eggs are not separated or sorted so you will get a mix of eggs.

The ducks lay eggs spring to late fall and the eggs are HUGE with very large yokes.  The ducks usually make several trips to the pond each day and come back to lay eggs and at night.  We just purchased 8 more ducks and hatched 2 more so we should have a larger supply of eggs in the fall or early next year.  If you have never tried duck eggs, what are you waiting for?

Our Eggs (left) vs. Store Bought Eggs (right)


If you are interested in our eggs, please contact us directly.