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It took a lot of time and hard work to finally get this approved and up and running. There are many good reasons you might be interested in looking at our Amazon Store.

  1. EVERY item/product on our page has been purchased and used by us. Nothing is on the page we do not have, used, would purchase again and would recommend to friends and family.
  2. Most of the items (especially shooting/hunting/fishing related) have also been reviewed on our YouTube Channel so you can see for yourself the specifics and details of what we thought.
  3. I am ALL about a “good deal” and rarely purchase something that is not the lowest or close to lowest price I can find.  This saves you TIME and MONEY because I did price shopping for you.  
  4. If you have enjoyed Beyond Seclusion and some of the things we offer, using our Amazon Page and web links helps support our business allowing us to offer such things.  Simply entering Amazon online through this link gives Beyond Seclusion recognition regardless if you purchase our suggestions or not so feel free to save this link to your book marks if you shop on Amazon.

BOTTOM LINE:  This saves you TIME and MONEY as we have done the research, testing, comparing, and shopping for you. 


I get/earn nothing for this, there is no motivation for me to have you join Amazon Prime other than save you TIME and MONEY (until recently). I did just discover on 6/26/19 that I could have been making a bounty on signups through my link. I share this with you only to point out that I was promoting it and encouraging it because I like it and have used it myself for years. Nothing has changed other than I discovered I could have been making a bounty on the link. Same goes for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card (which I do not make anything). I have been using both for around 7 years and LOVE them. Its worth a look! I do not and will not promote or encourage ANYTHING I do not like, own, use, or recommend for myself or friends/family. That’s a guarantee!

If you are not familiar with Amazon and shopping at Amazon its worth a bit of your time. I have been a “Prime” member for many years and LOVE it. You get FREE shipping on most everything and 2-day shipping on Prime purchases. You get Amazon Videos (FREE), which is just like Netflix and MUCH more. I think its well worth the money but you can go one step more with the credit card (which I also love).

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I also have Amazon Rewards Visa (credit card). If you have this with your Prime membership you get additional savings on all Amazon purchases. You get 5% back on all Amazon purchases. I looked at some the reviews and some of the top ones are not good. I would disagree with them. I have been with them for many years and had nothing but a great experience!

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One thing I have found over many years, Amazon has OUTSTANDING customer service. It is so easy to send something back, regardless of cause. That is why I purchase most things here FIRST if I can find them and then elsewhere if I can’t.  Many times I have sent items back no questions asked, no cost.

SOME OF MY TOP AMAZON PICKS – All (AND MUCH MORE) can also be found at my Amazon Store

3V Gear – Tactical Backpacks, Bags, EDC Bag, Gun Cases, and more.